About Us

About Us

Vacationee was launched in January 2018 to inspire people to go where others don’t. We are a creative communications firm specializing in content creation, social media, and videography. As creatives, we connect brands and audiences together to tell meaningful narratives that ultimately drive growth and scale for our partners.

Founded by Cory Bjork as a way for him to share his passion for travel with the world, Vacationee has grown into a global community. Spanning across several social media channels, we help our clients succeed by reaching the widest base of engaged consumers possible. Our integrated approach brings in over 1.7 million impressions per week, putting luxury hospitality brands on the map.

At Vactionee we embrace the distinctive, celebrate the unconventional and champion the one-of-a-kind. Our goal is not just to share curated images, but rather to blur the line between brand and audience to forge deeper connections that encourage people to go places.

Our Team

Joe Gerrard

Social Media Strategist

Cory Bjork

Founder & CEO

Luke Scarafoni

Creative Director