Exploration to Barcelona

Join me on my exploration to Barcelona!

If you are a travel enthusiast the phrase” a city that never sleeps” will not be strange to you, of course, it will be Odd if you have heard the phrase and never knew that the city with that tag is Barcelona, Visiting Barcelona is one of the best traveling decision I have ever made in my life, if I had not embarked on the Barcelona trip, I might not have known there is a city with as many wonders as that, this is a city with series of architectural monuments and beautiful clean beaches, you can never get tired of this city, saying I was blown away by the amazing beauty of this city is an understatement, classy and vibrant during the day yet quiet and colorful at night, the fact that I can barely tell the difference between the day and night makes me believe that truly this city never sleeps.
Barcelona is loaded with all types of exciting experiences, simply think of any fun you will like to have and you will get it just twice as you ever wanted! To get a huge serving of adventure in the city make sure you map out your trip beforehand and Barcelona will reward you with its distinctive character, beauty, and flair. Don’t miss anything! Explore the intriguing culture and nightlife, diverse districts and population, unique mix of modern and historic architecture, and miles of beaches. Like millions of others, you’ll want to return again and again!
I felt different when I visited Passeig de Gracia, this place provided me with the chance to explore one of the best spots in the city for sightseeing and souvenir shopping, with so many stores and designer shop, I had the chance to do some shopping. From where I Headed south and visit Catalunya there is a beautiful and huge square at the center of the city, it is a transport hub from where taxis and shuttles can be taken to wherever you need to go, the square of serves as a connecting spot for tourist and visitors waiting to be picked up by either relatives or friends. you don’t want to miss the cool ice cream sold by some mobile ice cream vendors always seen sitting or walking by the water fountain, it felt really good to sit down by these water fountain savoring the taste of the stone-cold ice cream, having heard about Rambla the most famous Barcelona’s street I couldn’t contain my anxiousness I just wanted to find my way there to see the 197-foot-tall Columbus Monument, this gave me the chance to visit the spot where Christoffel Columbus stood when he arrived from discovering America in 1493.
Barcelona to me is one of the best cities when it comes to great cuisine, I enjoyed some of the most palatable menus I have ever tasted in my entire traveling history, and the restaurants can boast of dishes like Paella and Escalivada these are some of the best food to keep your taste bud awake any time of the day.


Getting to see one of Europe’s Largest aquarium is a pleasure and every tourist present can’t hide their excitement as they laugh and marvel at over 8.000 fishes and 11 sharks inside the giant Aquarium it is the first time I have seen so many fishes together in one place and I believe this is one place worth visiting for every lover of nature and adventure.


This shopping mall is the ideal place for people who take delight in shopping, it is the most distinctive shopping mall in Barcelona, I felt really special because I can’t remember if I ever have the opportunity of shopping in a mall built on water, the mall can be accessed by a pedestrian using the wooden bridge, with a clear view of the sea from the mall, it creates a perfect scenery if you ever have a plan to visit Barcelona one day, make sure Maremagnum is on the list of places to visit.

The beach

The Barcelona beach is packed with a lot of fun activities, I was privileged to see so many tourists from different part of the world engaging in different activities that range from sunbathing, beach surfing and some other interesting activities, this is one place I recommend to every beach lover.

Camp Nou

For football fanatics, the Nou Camp Stadium is a must-visit which is home to the Barcelona Football Club. A tour here or tickets to one of their matches may be the perfect treat for you! It provides an opportunity to see some of the footballers you normally see on the TV, the famous Barcelona museum and the trophy room with all the trophies won by Barcelona today, I promise you this will create a memory of a lifetime.
Nevertheless, a trip to Barcelona is never complete without visiting the architectural works of Antoni Gaudí: